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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Where the Boys Aren't: Why there are no Men's Hospitals

Have you ever noticed whereas there are Women’s Hospitals, and Children’s Hospitals, and Women’s and Children’s Hospitals, that you never see any Men’s Hospitals? You know "Pittsburgh Hospital for Men," or the "Men’s Hospital of Dallas." My theory is that men DO have dedicated facilities for long-term care – they’re called funeral homes! We’re so stubborn that we try to "walk off" whatever is ailing us and because of this we usually end up skipping the 15 year nursing home stay and go straight to the curtains. I mean, have you ever looked at the funeral industry? Owned by men, run by men, built for men. Talk about stiff competition! Ever seen a female undertaker? I predict it will be some time before women break through this "grass ceiling." Who knows – it could be a huge cover-up by the florist industry! I can just hear Ed Bradley on 60 Minutes: “Healthcare or healthscare? Will your provider send a nurse or a hearse? A physician or a mortician? A caretaker or an undertaker? Is the ‘Rest In Peace’ industry being ‘Arrested in Pieces?’ Stay with us as we reveal a conspiracy that the underworld is dying to hide, false accusations that are finally laid to rest, and insider secrets that powerful men are taking to their graves. Next, on 60 Feet Under.”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

For the same reason that sports sections are not named 'Men's Sports' even though 95%+ of the articles are about men's sports. They primarily serve men.

3:35 PM  
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