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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Tweet Yourself to “Social Bowl Bingo” During the Super Bowl

A New Party Game for Watching The Big Game

While Super Bowl XLV will soon be remembered as just another Roman numeral in a long tradition of season-ending football games, within social media circles, the upcoming 2011 classic will forever be remembered as “Social Bowl I.”

Since it first kicked-off in 1967, the spectacle that is the Super Bowl has grown in visibility and influence, and today stands as the single most watched television program in American history, eclipsing over 106 million viewers last year. Within an increasingly fragmented TV viewing audience (decimated by attrition thanks to cable TV, Internet options, downloadable movies, and various social media platforms), the Super Bowl now stands alone as the one remaining real-time American tradition bringing intoxicated people together for 5 hours to eat junk food and stare at a 50-inch liquid crystal display (I mean, seriously, have you ever heard someone say, “I’m going to TiVo the Super Bowl and watch it on Monday.”)

The industry insiders at DemingHill are already calling February 6, 2011 the inaugural “Social Sunday” because, in the 12 months since the last Super Bowl, social media has officially “Crossed the chasm” into our corporate consciousness (see “Why Executives Hate Social Media”
and transitioned from “bleeding edge” to “leading edge” in terms of marketing, advertising, brand messaging, and target audience communication. The upcoming smack-down this year will not only feature the NFC vs. the AFC going toe-to-toe for bragging rights and league dominance, but we will also witness an equally epic battle “outside the lines” as MEDIA worlds collide, pitting the entrenched, old-line guard of traditional TV commercials vs. the proliferation and power of new social media channels for reaching the Main Street mainstream audience.

Just like the upstart challenger American Football League (AFL) back in 1967, progressive and emboldened social media advocates are anxious to make their mark and show the world that they can finally compete with the big boys in the big leagues on the biggest stage and on the biggest media day of the year. To help you keep score of this “passing of the baton” during the big game, I have enclosed your own Social Bowl Bingo card below, allowing you to play along with your rowdy friends. Fox Sports (another upstart) will be airing Super Bowl XLV this year, and I’ve recently learned that XLV actually stands for the number “45” (which is exactly the number of minutes allocated for commercials this year) so be sure to have this card handy during the advertisements, and when you get 5 marks in a row, feel free to jump up and yell BINGO (or, you can just text it, and then update your Facebook wall).

Yes, it’s going to be difficult to be sociable at the Social Bowl - watching a giant TV screen while balancing a laptop in one hand and gripping a smart phone in the other - but rather than setting up a steel curtain around you, try to have fun with it. I’ve heard the cheese-spread is 2 ½ points, so I’m going with GreenBurgh by a field goal.

(Note: For a Spreadsheet BINGO version, click link below - which I HIGHLY recommended as the run-together text below could be confusing...)



An Advertiser Asks You To “Friend Us” on Facebook Any Commercial Poking Fun At Social Media (“Social Media Gone Bad”) Check This Box If You Dialed # On Your Landline Phone To Access “The Twitter” The Simpson’s Promo Features Lisa Simpson Asking Willie the Groundskeeper If He Wants To Get LinkedIn An Advertiser Asks You To“Join Our Community”
Your Update Your Facebook Status During The Game To “Inebriated” Social Media B to B Commercial (Beer to Buddy Advertising) Form A “Flash Mob” At The Bathroom At The End Of The First Half You Ask Your Buddy To “Pass The Black Eyed Peas Dip” You Tell Your Party Host To “Put Another Blog On The Fire”
An Advertiser Says “For More Information Visit Our Website” An Advertiser Asks You To “Like Us” on Facebook You Think the Glee “Thriller” Mash-Up Will Reunite Hawkeye, Radar and Klinger You Visit To Actually Check On A Domain Name An Advertiser Asks You To Text Them NOW For A Very Special Offer
You Take Off President’s Day To Celebrate LinkedIn’s Birthday You Have A Sudden Urge To Run With The Clydesdales An Advertiser Asks You To Log On And “Cast Your Vote” On Their Website While Watching The Game You Forget To RSS Feed Your Dog Social Media B to C Commercial (Beer to Chimpanzee Advertising)
An Advertiser Asks You To “Visit Our Blog” You Ask Your Kid “What’s a Mash-Up?” You Google “Clay Matthews’ Hair Stylist” And Discover “No Results Found” The E-Trade Baby Asks You To Skype, Friend, And Retweet Him (And You Do) You Wonder When They Legalized Hashtags

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Blogger Douglas said...

Coming soon to a bookstore near you, two books no executive should be without:
"Social Media is Like a Parable" and "The Age of Integrity."

Stay tuned! Douglas O'Bryon, Soundbite Laureate

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